With over 15 years experience as an educator and pastor, 12 years in the marketing field, and countless public speaking engagements, my strength is in training – taking seemingly overwhelming or complicated topics and helping to break them down into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks for people to immediately implement in their businesses or programs.

My on-site trainings work because I come into YOUR world; I am able to understand the needs that are unique to your program and your community, and I customize a plan that works for you.  In addition, I see and understand your unique staff and the types of learners they are so that they come away with strategies they can duplicate and use for the future.  In these live PD sessions, I will come out to YOUR place, working with YOUR people, with YOUR tools, on the specific professional development needs that are relevant to YOU. 

If you’re experiencing some of the following challenges, then you’ll likely benefit from this training:

·  You’re launching (or have recently launched) a new program, and you need more students to fill the seats. 

·  You are still running into people who don’t know about the great services your adult ed program offers.

·  You seem to be unable to convert existing students into training programs.

·  You are overwhelmed by the choices for outreach and you want to know which is most effective.

·  Your don’t know where to find good candidates for training.

·  Your team is working hard, but not reaching your career training or enrollment goals.

·  You don’t have a consistent plan or system for bringing in and qualifying new students.

If you’re experiencing some of the above, then let’s talk – solving some of these challenges can be simpler than you think!

When we’ve finished our PD session, you’ll have:

·  Specific recommendations for marketing strategies catered to your unique needs to help grow your program.

·  A detailed explanation of each strategy’s implementation, including approximate cost projections, which are more affordable thank you might think!

·  A quarterly marketing calendar outline with 2-5 recommended and repeatable marketing activities and templates.

·  A second opinion from marketing and Adult Education veterans with more than 20 years of experience

·  Strategies to help you focus and remain on a growth track.

What do you gain from my on-site professional development sessions?

By tapping into our extensive marketing, advertising, public relations, and adult education operations experience, you’ll immediately understand how you can use marketing strategies to meet or exceed your training and enrollment goals.

We keep no secrets; everything we know is open for discussion. We have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work with adult education.  With this additional knowledge, you’ll quickly hone-in on affordable initiatives that will work best for you.

Ask yourself, “What will happen to our adult ed program if we continue on our current path?  Do I want to create a growth trend to enhance my existing program and secure a bright future, not only for the program, but for the number of students you can reach?”  Having a marketing consultation will help you to quickly answer those questions.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost depends on the format. You may choose to come to my facility for training, or me to come to your facility to train your team, Payment is due before the training takes place. Checks are preferred. Credit cards are accepted. Please inform us at the time of scheduling if you’re paying by credit card. We process all major credit cards securely, and we accept PayPal.


We can come to you!  We will train your team at your facility on the professional develop needs that are specific to your population.  You are welcome to choose any format, but this one is usually the most effective.

Details:  I will travel within the greater Indianapolis area (up to one hour away) to your facility to work with your staff.

We will meet with you for a 3.5-hour marketing consultation and travel up to one hour in a single direction for a flat fee of $850.

A full day consultation is $1450 (including up to 1 hour of travel each way)

I will also travel beyond the greater Indianapolis area to your facility to train your staff – contact me for specific pricing that will include travel expenses.

·         ½ day (4 hours) = $850

·         Full day (8 hours) = $1450

·         Multiple days (booked at one time) = 10% discount

You or your team comes to my training facility (located above the Shopps at Perry Crossing in Plainfield, Indiana) for the professional development session.

·         ½ day (4 hours) = $700

·         Full day (8 hours) = $1300

·         Multiple days (booked at one time) = 10% discount


·         Hourly rate of $200. Payment is due upon scheduling.

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