Adult Education Program Websites

An Adult Education Program website is not a completely unique and different website than a website for a non-profit or business, but there are elements of this type of website that need to be considered.

Here are a few of the things that need to be focused on for an Adult Education website.

1. You need to clearly communicate your unique story

2. You need clear call to actions that drive prospective students to the right page for the next step

3. You need smart forms throughout the site to gather student interest (for followup) and for the registration process

4. You need an easy to remember domain. A typical school-based domain is just way to hard for people to remember and share with others

5. You need your own website (not a site buried in a school district site)

6. You need all parts of the site (especially forms), to be translateable in just 1-click.

7. You need a site that is easy to find and navigate, so visitors will take the next step

All websites need the following esential elements:

  1. to load fast – in less than 3 seconds ideally

  2. be mobile responsive – more than 50% of all your visitors are coming from a mobile device.

  3. Assigned members of your staff need to be able to make changes to the site anywhere at anytime

  4. It must look visually appealing

5. It must have a very clear navigation

6. All images need to support the end result of attending the program – happy jobs, lives and families!